Adequate storage space allocation to different materials and supplies have great importance & We have proper storage space & system for raw materials, processed material, curing, finished goods & pouch packaging finish goods.

Allocation of Sufficient & Separate Space

  • Incoming material receiving
  • Place for dumping raw material
  • Place for sorting and checking of raw materials
  • Place for raw material inspection
  • Place for temporarily storing the materials before putting them on racks, etc.
  • Proper place for storing each type of material
  • Proper & separate place for paper rolls, polyester rolls, MET PET Rolls etc.
  • Boxes/Drum containing materials to be placed separately
  • In-process inventory
  • Wastage Collection
  • Tools and other supplies
  • Spare Parts, Fuels & Consumables
  • Finished products
  • Despatch Area