R & D is an important means for achieving future growth and maintaining a relevant product in the market. In fact, we dedicate a significant part of our resources towards developing new products and improving existing packaging products.

Our R & D team also works for satisfy new challenging task provided by our customers. They measure and characterize the critical parameters of the process with screening and feasibility etc.

Hand-in-hand with the R & D team, our process experts design and size your process to be compatible with industrial operating conditions. Our industrial technology experts make sure you are provided with the most cost-effective solutions to deliver your product at specifications with high quality.

"Oxo-Biodegradable Coated Paper & Packaging Material"

This is essentially required for our environment & fulfils our packaging needs. Actually it has all the packaging features like heat sealable, food contact safe, moisture proof (barrier coated) & Oxo- Biodegradable (environment friendly). Click here to know more