Gravure Printing

We have 3 Gravure Printing Machines installed in which 1 machine having 6 colour & 2 machines having 8 colour capabilities with auto registration control.

Our 8 colour Gravure Printing Machines can handle anything from simple line work to complex process jobs with picture-perfect precision. Gravure printing is characterized by excellent print quality and high printing speed. Its further advantages are that it involves a high quality printing, accurate ink use, and the flexibility of printing on different substrate structures.

The advanced technology of our defect detection system allows us to actively monitor print quality by taking continuous snapshots of the web. The images are compared to a master image and any defects are recorded while the operator is alerted.

Our new gravure printing press runs at high speeds which gives us a competitive advantage that we pass along to our customers. The press is equipped with all the latest gravure printing enhancements & technology, process used to ensure optimum quality. This supports to our efforts at increasing sustainability through.