Other Packaging

Special Customized Packaging

Due to our versatile customer base & vast industry experience in different type of packaging we also have pride of manufacturing special customized packaging solution according to the need of our reputed customers.

To fulfil the need & enhance the customer satisfaction with our special customized solutions, we really have to understand the need and the latest industry trends & design accordingly to develop the best solution.

Our skilled & professional team alongwith R&D Department and latest technology updated machinery have enabled us to develop new solutions for the customers.

Our Special Customized Products

  • Special Packaging (different substrate, size & quality)

  • Radio Frequency Blocking Paper Pouch for Credit / Bank Cards and Passport

  • Aluminum Foil & Paper Packaging
    • • 3 Layer (Paper + LDPE Coating + Aluminum Foil)
    • • 4 Layer (Paper + LDPE Coating + Aluminum Foil + LDPE Coating)