Machines & Facilities

In our manufacturing unit we have installed all the desired high quality latest technology machines with proper space & have separate area of working including storage of consumables, raw material, unfinished & finished stocks etc. to complete the quality job under one roof, in time.

The ultimate benefit of high quality & latest technology machines is to provide the best print quality on any desired substrate and superb packaging benefits alongwith food contact safety in very competitive prices which increase the sales of our clients & also generate and maintain the trust of end user/consumers in the brand, all this efforts done to achieve the ultimate satisfaction and long lasting relation with all our clients.

We feel pride for having the Combination of Expertise & Professional Team alongwith Latest Technology Machines

Our manufacturing unit is equipped with following latest machineries

  • Printing Machines
    Three High Quality Gravure Printing Machines of Hi Speed 6/8/8 colour, Having Auto Registration Control, Web Video and Print Fault Detection System

Our High Quality Gravure Printing Machines provide picture perfect prints on the substrates to provides rich & premium appearance to the packaging, which enhance the brand image.

Gravure Printing

Latest Gravure Printing

Our Print Inspection Machine supports us to monitor minutely the print quality to control and avoid the rework & rejection and help us to continue with correct prints at each packed product.


  • Lamination Machine
    One High Speed Solvent-based Lamination Machine.
    One High Speed Solvent-less Lamination Machine.

Our High Speed Lamination Machine provides very clear and smooth lamination to the packaging to enhance the brand image and customer satisfaction.

(Solvent Free)

(Solvent Base)

Our Extrusion Coating Machine provide the best coating to heat seal & moisture proof properties to the substrates.

Extrusion Coating

Extrusion Coating

Our Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA) Coating Machine provide the best coating to heat seal & moisture proof properties to the substrates.

H.M.A. Coating

H.M.A. Coating

Our Anti Curling Coating Machine provides the best Anti Curling Coating to the substrates (paper) for smooth lamination to enable us to produce quality packaging.

Anti Curling Coating

Our High Speed Slitting Machines provide the accurate & reliable cutting to the substrates to make packaging of finally desired sizes.

Precision Slitting

Our Doctoring Machine (Unwinding & Rewinding) provides the proper winding of the rolls to avoid edge damage during transportations.


Our Pouch Making Machines provide us the facility to offer & supply the final pouch packaging to our customers as per desired pouch types.

Pouch Making

Pouch Making

Many More...