Liner - (Other Laminates)

Metallized Laminated Liner

This packaging provides an extra care to the packed products in the ceka cartons (box packing) alongwith all the packaging features.

Our metallized plain laminated liner for ceka carton (inside box packaging) is capable of providing all packaging features & safety to the packed products.

We have vast industry experience as Liner manufacturer therefore we manufacture the appropriate liners with all desired packaging features to kept it safe & also enhance the brand image.

Our skilled & professional team and latest technology updated machinery have enabled us to manufacture and supply the Liners in various thickness & sizes alongwith combinations of various substrate like polyester and paper therefore we have multiple options under this product category & we provide customized liners according to the need of the product & customer.

This packaging is moisture proof, heat sealable and keeps the product safe and used commonly to pack solid, dry items in powder form like Spices, Tea, Coffee & Pet Food etc.

Technical Specification - (Structure) :

Liner - 3 Layer Structure
Metallized Polyester (MET PET) + Paper + Extrusion Coating

Liner - 4 Layer Structure
Polyester (PET) +Metallized Polyester (MET PET) + Paper + Extrusion Coating

Quality :

Raw material used in our Packaging Products is Food Contact Safe

Finish Products:

We provide Liner (Other Laminates ) Metallized Plain Laminated Liner in Roll Form

Features :

  • Heat Sealable
  • Food Contact Safe
  • Moisture Proof (Barrier Coated)

Application :

Liner (Metallized Laminated Liner) for Ceka Box Carton (Box packaging) is used for packaging dry items in powder form like spices, tea, coffee & pet foods etc.


    (Inside Box Packing)

  • Tea Leaf
  • Coffee
  • Spices Powder
  • Few Dry Items
  • Pet Foods

  • Medicines / Tablets
  • Oral Powder etc.
This packaging provides the safety to the products & sense of rich & superior appearance to the packaging and expresses the extra care, which enhances the brand image.


  • Graceful Metallized Packaging.
  • Superior Brand Image.
  • Superior & attractive appearance.