The objective of Inspection is to catch quality issues before it is too late, therefore inspection should take place earlier, during production as inspecting the goods after production is finished is often too late. After trial production and approval of final product we usually have policy to inspect it during production at almost every stage. But also we follow a surprise inspections & random inspections to catch any quality issue before despatch to make our commitment fulfil & achieve customer’s satisfaction.

Quality Control inspects every item and every shipment, via checklist, before it leaves our docks. This inspection aims to confirm label information, shipment methods and other information included on Certificates of Analyses and Certificates of Conformance.

Basic Check Points of Inspection

  • Inspection of raw material while receiving.
  • Inspection of raw material while issuing according to the Job.
  • Inspection of raw material while running production.
  • Inspection of each process during production.
  • Inspection of unfinished & finished goods at each process
  • Inspection of packing & documents before dispatch
  • Surprise & Random Inspection at any stage.